Best of the Bay

Our cooperative of bearded BBL brewers competed in the Bellingham Homebrewers Guild’s annual Best of the Bay competition once again this year and we are very proud of the medals they earned!  We think the results of the competition demonstrate not only the quality of the beers that BBL will be producing commercially, but also the incredible talent of ALL of our local and regional homebrewers on the whole!  What an exciting time to be a part of our local beer culture in Bellingham!

We sincerely thank the BHG for putting forth another awesome effort in the organization of this event.  The judging, homebrew festival and the awards ceremony were all tons of fun for us to participate in.  We look forward to next year when we hope to no longer be competing as homebrewers, but instead helping to sponsor the event and all of the talent it showcases!


Light Lagers:

  • 1st – Alex Cleanthous – “Charles’ Pils” (2B: Bohemian Pilsner)

Light and Amber Hybrid:

  • 2nd – Josh Smith – “Lite Weight” (6B: Blonde Ale)

Scottish and Irish Ales:

  • 2nd – Josh Smith – “Scottish Lodge” (9B: Scottish Heavy 70/-)
  • Honorable Mention – Josh Smith – “Scottish Props” (9A: Scottish Light 60/-)

Belgian and French Ales:

  • 2nd – Jesse Nickerson – “This is not the greatest Saison in the world. This is just a tribute.” (16C: Saison)

Sours, Belgian Strong and Strong Ales:

  • 2nd – Jesse Nickerson – “Kenya’s Pride” (17D: Straight Lambic)


  • 2nd – Caleb Atkins & Josh Smith – “Blaine Damaged” (23A: Specialty Beer)
  • 3rd – Zach Brown & Josh Smith – “Count Chocul’orange” (23A: Specialty Beer)


  • Ok, so if we can restore the granary, a project I am heavily committed to, do you need a location? The granary was built as a co-op, the location is great with roll up doors onto the waterfront. Look for the illustration in the media next week! With luck this project is out about 1 year.

    John BlethenSeptember 28, 2012
    • We certainly do need a location, John! We’ll look for the graphic, but please do keep us posted, because that sounds kind of amazing! Contact us through email is probably the best route to stay in touch.

      bellinghambeerlabSeptember 29, 2012

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