Membership Kickoff @ CMB 9/29

It’s finally happening!!  We’re ready to kickoff the next level of Bellingham Beer Lab awesomeness with the beginning of our consumer-membership drive! To celebrate the start of our consumer membership drive, we’ve partnered with our good friends and supporters at Cheese Meat(s) Beer.  If you haven’t eaten a meal here yet, you’ve done your taste buds and your soul a huge disservice!  We will be having a kickoff party on September 29th, from 11am to 4pm at Cheese Meat(s) Beer. The event will include a brewing demonstration in the courtyard starting at 11am.  Throughout the day, CMB will be offering a special menu paired with several special BBL beers (cash bar for food and beer). There will also be presentations on BBL consumer membership, general information about BBL available, merchandise sales, and consumer membership signups.

Wait, what the hell is a consumer membership drive?  What does that even mean?  What is consumer membership?  How does it work?  Bellingham Beer Lab is a cooperatively owned business and there are two levels of membership in the coop: producer-member (brewers) and consumer-members (drinkers).  BBL’s four brewers have been working on developing the project from it’s inception in Jim Parker’s living room and their membership dues have helped pay for lawyers, marketing, licenses, and other initial startup expenses thus far.

The big ticket stuff, the brewhouse and taproom and all the cool stuff that goes inside it, well that’s where consumer memberships can really begin to make an impact.  One of the reasons BBL is a cooperative is to spread the risks and rewards of owning a brewery amongst a community of people who love beer, their community, and being part of something revolutionary.  BBL is aiming to raise a significant portion, or maybe even all of the capital necessary to build a brewery and taproom by selling consumer memberships to future patrons and others who simply want to support this revolutionary business and beer concept. Basic consumer membership in Bellingham Beer Lab costs $150.  Membership comes with numerous benefits.  The most notable benefit is that you get to own a brewery and your investment goes towards making it a physical reality in which you will later drink copious amounts of beer at a reduced price.  Other notable membership benefits are outlined in the F.A.Q. section of this website. We will give several membership presentations during the membership kickoff event, have information available and be able to answer questions throughout the day. We’ll be including a convenient online signup option for membership following our kickoff event, as well.

We’re very excited to finally be kicking off this phase of the project and hope that you will come out and show your enthusiasm for community supported brewing!  BBL representatives will be available to answer questions throughout the day, but the basic itinerary for the day looks like this:

  • 11am: Mash In (that translates to: begin brewing!).  Food and beer available, membership information and signups available, BBL merchandise available.
  • Noon: Sparge Mash (translation: rinse grains with hot water). Membership Presentation!
  • 1:15 Begin Boil (time approximate).
  • 2:00 Flavor hop addition (time approximate). Membership Presentation!
  • 2:15: Begin chilling wort (time approximate).
  • 2:45: Runoff wort (time approximate).
  • 3:30: Closing ceremonies!
  • 4:00: It’s over!!

Cheese Meat(s) Beer is located at 250 Flora St, inside the Whatcom Museum’s “Lightcatcher” building.  Our friends at Menace Brewing in Ferndale have graciously brewed to our specifications and cobranded a number of beers for us specifically for this event.  We can’t wait for you to taste what’s to come…  Taste it.  Then own it!


  • Great event today, looking forward to future events. The shirt i got with my membership i noticed when i got home is to small…i got a large and need an xl..i really want to show it off to my friends…can i trade mine somewhere for one that will fit? Thanks, steve

    steven clevengerSeptember 29, 2012

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