Winter Beer Fest

Winter is hard in Bellingham – it gets dark early, it’s grey, wet and cold outside, and drinking beer on your favorite patio becomes tricky.  Last Saturday, against all odds, Bellingham Beer League turned Cirrus Cycles into winter beer heaven.  The small showroom space was turned into a makeshift taproom, with six strong and robust beers on tap, a merchandise table, tall bar tables, couches and chairs and other mingling space throughout the showroom and machine shop areas.  The beautiful, sunny, clear skies prompted us to roll up the front door and turn the loading dock-slash-driveway into a beer garden, complete with an outdoor fireplace.  Was it cold outside? Yeah, but once our members and invited guests had sampled a couple of winter beers, it’s certain that their insides were pretty warm.  The fireplace and several propane heaters didn’t hurt either!

We had a great turnout, with over 100 guests over the course of the afternoon.  We signed up four new members, caught up with current members, and made some new friends. We hope everyone enjoyed the beers, the company and the space.  Thanks to all of our members and guests in attendance for this private, invitation only event. Special thanks to our members Phil and Cynthia for the photos, and to Charlie Heggem from Cirrus Cycles for offering up the space!  If you’d like to learn more about Cirrus Cycles and their Body Float seat post suspension system, check out their website.  If you’d like to learn more about BBL and/or attend future events like this one, please become a member or join our mailing list!

Here are the beers we sampled and some photographic evidence!

Oatmeal Stout 5.5% ABV

Dark, full-bodied, roasty, malty ale with a complementary oatmeal flavor.

Long Underwear Winter Ale 6.5% ABV

Malty, malty, malty, full bodied, dark and gorgeous winter warmer with a hint of Belgian character.

Samish Stout 5.4% ABV

American stout aged in a Samish Bay Whiskey barrel.

el Beardo 10.5% ABV

An 18 month old, copper colored, mellow, biscuity, caramelly, strong ale. Barrel aged to add complexity and mild sour character, reminiscent of cherries.

Dark @ 5 (Cascadian Dark Ale) 6.0% ABV

What do you brew when daylight fades at 5pm? A hoppy, dark, Cascadian style ale, of course.

Sasquatch Scat (Cascadian Dark Ale with Cedar) 5.3% ABV

Modern day sasquatches have grown to appreciate the coffee and beer culture that permeates the Pacific Northwest. Hops, roast flavors, and “rainforest essence” meld into a deliciously complex and healthful elixir that Sasquatch would surely appreciate after a long day of trekking through the woods and interdimensional travels.


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