Be More Awesome. Drink Tasty Beer. Own a Brewery.

Seriously, though, you should own a brewery.  It’s not that you’re not awesome already, it’s just that owning a brewery adds a certain charm that might be just what you need to finally impress your in-laws (seriously, we think they’ll really go for it).  What if you already own a brewery, and in particular, THIS brewery?  You can still find ways to add awesomeness to your resume.  As a matter of fact, BBL’s board of directors recently spent a few hours ironing out some new concepts for awesomeness that you may want to consider participating in.  The two concepts include that are the focus of this blog post are:

  • Membership Incentive Program
  • Membership Easy Payment Plan

We also outlined our goals for the rest of the year, which pivot around a more focused membership drive and the opening of a small retail taproom.  We are initiating the Membership Incentive Program and Membership Easy Payment Plan to help give the membership drive a new burst of energy (see details below).  Our goal is to sign up another 40-70 members (we’re currently sitting at 86 members).  The money from those new memberships, plus the money we already have, will allow us to borrow a little bit of money from a credit union or member investor so that we can build a taproom and start selling beer.  Beer, after all, is the thing that is the driving motivation behind this project and the sooner we can start having a regular supply available to our current and future members the better, right?

Taproom FundMembership Incentive Plan

Sign Up Your Friends and Earn Rewards! The Incentive Program works like this: for every 10 new members you refer, you level up your membership.  So, if you’re a Standard Member and you refer 10 friends, you automatically become a Special Member and get those added benefits.  All your referrals have to do is put your name down in the “Referred By” box during registration.

Easy Payment Plan

It’s the low-pressure system that will give more people access to membership benefits! We recognize that not everyone has $150 just lying around that they can fork out all at once, and that is why we are implementing this new program.  The Easy Payment Plan will allow you to pay for your Standard Membership over the course of 6 months with just three easy payments of $50 each. The Easy Payment Plan will be implemented later this month here on our website.


  • I’m sorry, but I can not afford the membership. However, I do have Cascade Hops growing on the front of my house on E st. ready to pick. Could be free to anyone wanting to pick them (at their own risk, of course).


    Walt GalerSeptember 4, 2013

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