Own a Brewery With Just Three Easy Payments

IMG_5960A number of people have approached us over the past six months and said,

“I love the concept of Bellingham Beer League and I want to become a member, but I just can’t afford to drop $150 right now because I’m a poor student/artist/poet/vagabond/misanthrope.”

We understand, and as former poor students, artists, poets, vagabonds and misanthropes ourselves, we’d like to make it easier for you to support Bellingham Beer League’s efforts to build that tap room and brewery we’ve been talking about for the last six months (or longer…).  We especially want to help out the misanthropes and restore their faith in humanity by giving them sweet, delicious beer in return for their hard earned cash.  So, we have created an Easy Payment Plan option for becoming a Standard Member of BBL.

Here is how the Easy Payment Plan works:

  • You have the desire to become a consumer-member of Bellingham Beer League
  • You don’t have $150 lying around
  • You sign up as a Standard Member using the Easy Payment Plan option (three easy payments of $50 each!)
  • We automatically bill your credit card $50 bi-monthly over 6 months, for a total of $150
  • You get all of the benefits associated being a Standard Member, without worrying about how you’ll feed your kids this month

We hope that this helps spur more membership growth as we push forward with our fundraising goal of $35,000 for the BBL Beer Hall of Justice. Like you, we want a location where you can come and drink beer everyday of the week, instead of once every couple of months!  And, just in case you missed the links for the Easy Payment Plan in the above paragraphs:

Click Here For Easy Payment Plan

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