Shameless Self Promotion

We are not trying to take over the earth, but we are trying to grow our membership. The goal is to expand enough that we can make the final push towards getting the doors of the Beer Hall of Justice ordered, installed and opened to the public. We have a cult following and we like it that way. We just want to expand the cult a bit, while still maintaining our aura of mystique and intrigue. To accomplish this growth, we are focusing more energy on communicating with our members and with the public through various mediums such as social networking, Beermail delivered regularly to your inboxes, and snazzy blog posts; posters, handbills, coasters and friendly face time at beer and community minded events and establishments.

There are only so many hours in a day, though, and our board members and dedicated volunteers can’t do it alone. We are after all, a league, and we could use a hand getting the word out. That is why we’ve created this downloadable handbill that you can print off and share with friends and strangers alike. There is a full color version for those of you who feel fancy and can afford extra color ink cartridges and photocopies, and also a black and white one for the rest of us.

Are you headed to…

Print off a few of these handbills and spread the word to friends, family and strangers, or gypsies, tramps and thieves!  The downloadable PDFs come in color or black and white, with four copies per page (easily chopped up with scissors or one of those fancy guillotine paper cutters). Have fun and good luck out there!


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