This is the end.

It’s been almost exactly three years since BBL announced its presence to the world in the basement of the Majestic, during an evening of beer tasting and hopeful enthusiasm. As an organization, we’ve had our ups and downs, our fits and starts and our comings and goings.  Hindsight being what it is, there are a […]


And the Gods said, “let there be membership.”

And there was membership once again! (You can signup here!) After a ridiculous four months of trying to sift through cryptic messages from the Department of Financial Institutions, we’re finally out the other side of the cryptic message tunnel. Brewer/President Josh whines about the bureaucracy of our cooperative business structure from time to time, but […]


Shameless Self Promotion

We are not trying to take over the earth, but we are trying to grow our membership. The goal is to expand enough that we can make the final push towards getting the doors of the Beer Hall of Justice ordered, installed and opened to the public. We have a cult following and we like […]


Bellingham Beer League, Menace Brewing Release ‘Intolerant Bastard’

New brew is first gluten-free, low-carb, low-alcohol, hopless ‘beer’ on the market BELLINGHAM, WA – Bellingham Beer League and Menace Brewing today announced the release of their latest collaboration brew: Intolerant Bastard, a gluten-free, low-carb, low-alcohol, hopless beverage for those who cannot drink traditional beers. “This is true session beer for people who can’t or […]


Own a Brewery With Just Three Easy Payments

A number of people have approached us over the past six months and said, “I love the concept of Bellingham Beer League and I want to become a member, but I just can’t afford to drop $150 right now because I’m a poor student/artist/poet/vagabond/misanthrope.” We understand, and as former poor students, artists, poets, vagabonds and […]

Taproom Fund

Be More Awesome. Drink Tasty Beer. Own a Brewery.

Seriously, though, you should own a brewery.  It’s not that you’re not awesome already, it’s just that owning a brewery adds a certain charm that might be just what you need to finally impress your in-laws (seriously, we think they’ll really go for it).  What if you already own a brewery, and in particular, THIS […]


Winter Beer Fest

Winter is hard in Bellingham – it gets dark early, it’s grey, wet and cold outside, and drinking beer on your favorite patio becomes tricky.  Last Saturday, against all odds, Bellingham Beer League turned Cirrus Cycles into winter beer heaven.  The small showroom space was turned into a makeshift taproom, with six strong and robust […]

The fix is in for our Bellingham Beer Lab t-shirts!

New Logos, New Events & The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

What do you get the beer lover who has everything? How about part ownership in a brewery? It’s an easy gift to purchase – you can do it right here on our website. We’ll send you or your loved ones a Bellingham Beer League shirt and an assortment of stickers – and that’s just the […]


The Taste of Taste & Other Awesomeness

The Taste of Taste Last Saturday, November 10th, a group of members (and some non-members) gathered at Onyx Coffee Bar to taste some delicious beers.  More than just a chance to sample some BBL beers, it was an opportunity to learn about how to “properly” taste beer, evaluate whether or not you think it’s “good” […]


Bellingham Malt-Based Alcoholic Beverage Scientific Testing Room

Bellingham Beer Lab is a pretty cool name for a brewery.  That’s why, when Jim came up with it two years ago, he wrote it down in his notebook for safekeeping.  It’s got all the cool bits you look for in a brewery name: alliteration a local geographical reference the word beer implications that the […]