Winter Beer Fest

Winter is hard in Bellingham – it gets dark early, it’s grey, wet and cold outside, and drinking beer on your favorite patio becomes tricky.  Last Saturday, against all odds, Bellingham Beer League turned Cirrus Cycles into winter beer heaven.  The small showroom space was turned into a makeshift taproom, with six strong and robust […]

The fix is in for our Bellingham Beer Lab t-shirts!

New Logos, New Events & The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

What do you get the beer lover who has everything? How about part ownership in a brewery? It’s an easy gift to purchase – you can do it right here on our website. We’ll send you or your loved ones a Bellingham Beer League shirt and an assortment of stickers – and that’s just the […]


The Taste of Taste & Other Awesomeness

The Taste of Taste Last Saturday, November 10th, a group of members (and some non-members) gathered at Onyx Coffee Bar to taste some delicious beers.  More than just a chance to sample some BBL beers, it was an opportunity to learn about how to “properly” taste beer, evaluate whether or not you think it’s “good” […]


Do you own a brewery?

Do you own a brewery?  If you were at Cheese Meat(s) Beer and the Whatcom Museum on a certain Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, maybe you do own a brewery!  Bellingham Beer Lab kicked off its membership drive on that particular afternoon, complete with beer, food, music, a brewing demonstration, and did we […]

Membership Kickoff @ CMB 9/29

It’s finally happening!!  We’re ready to kickoff the next level of Bellingham Beer Lab awesomeness with the beginning of our consumer-membership drive! To celebrate the start of our consumer membership drive, we’ve partnered with our good friends and supporters at Cheese Meat(s) Beer.  If you haven’t eaten a meal here yet, you’ve done your taste […]


New Website! Cheese Meat(s) Beer!

New Website! Perhaps you visit our website everyday, waiting for new content to appear (and are constantly disappointed?) and you are surprised to see things looking a little different?  Or maybe this is your first time here and you think things look real snazzy?  Either way, today is the launch of our new website!  Phase […]

Stuff their stocking… with a brewery

What do you get the beer lover who has everything? How about the coolest new beer T-shirt in town… one that comes with part ownership in a brewery? We are still about a month away from starting our membership drive for the Bellingham Beer Lab, but several people have asked how they can give the […]

A taste of things to come

Beer lovers got a sneak peek at what a Saturday night at the future Bellingham Beer Lab tasting room might look like on Nov. 19 when more than 80 invitees gathered in the Majestic Underground for the first “Meet the Brewers of the BBL Night.” Attendees got a chance to try 13 different beers from […]