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Who can become a member?

Membership at the consumer-member level is open to anyone in the community over the age of 21. Membership at the producer-level is not currently available (all producer-member spots are full).

How much does it cost?

Standard membership is $150 per consumer-member.

How do I become a member?

Fill out the membership application and make a payment of $150 and you are now a consumer-member!

What are the benefits of membership?

As BBL evolves, more benefits will come your way. Some of the initial benefits of membership include:

  • Ability to vote on the direction of BBL
  • Ability to vote on some of the beers BBL brewers will create
  • Opportunity to serve on BBL’s Board of Directors
  • Happy hour prices at the BBL taproom ALL OF THE TIME!
  • FREE pint on your birthday!
  • Eligibility to join BBL’s Community Supported Brewing Program
  • Numerous member appreciation events
  • Ingredient preparation parties
  • Free brewery tours and educational seminars
  • Bragging rights because you own a microbrewery!

Can I Brew Beer?

BBL will be a commercial brewery operated by professional brewers (producer-members) and the beers they brew will be served in our taproom.  BBL is NOT a “brew on premise” or “U-Brew” type of business where homebrewers come to brew beer. All producer-members slots are currently filled. Consumer-members WILL help decide some of the beers that BBL brews and will also have opportunities to collaborate and brew with our producer-members by way of various educational programs, brewing contests, ingredient preparation parties, member appreciation events and special invitations.

What is the CSB (Community Supported Brewing) Program?

Consumer-members will have the option to subscribe to BBL’s CSB program. Subscribers pre-purchase a set amount of beer and redeem it as the beer is brewed. Subscribers can redeem their subscriptions at any time and in any amount they choose (by the pint at the taproom, or in take-away growlers or kegs). Pre-purchasing beer through the CSB program will provide consumer-members with even greater savings over regular pricing.  CSB subscriptions will be phased in once production is in full swing, and capped at 20% or less of production capacity.

When will BBL be opening and where will it be located?

It will depend on a number of factors such as fund-raising, facility selection, construction and permitting but we hope to be pulling our craft beer taps SOMEWHERE in Bellingham in 2014. We do not currently have a location secured.

Who can patronize BBL’s taproom?

You do not have to be a consumer-member to enjoy delicious artisan beers in BBL’s taproom. Anyone of legal drinking age may partake, but non-members will miss out on all of the awesome benefits of membership!

What kind of beers will BBL brew?

With three breweries under one roof, there will be something for everybody. Hoppy beers, malty beers, sour beers, session beers, barrel-aged beers, Belgian-style beers, lager beers, fruit beers, weird and wacky beers… Plus members can vote on some of the beers BBL will brew!

When and where can I sign up?

We kicked off our membership drive on September 29th, 2012 with a special event at Cheese Meat(s) Beer.  The event featured BBL beer, food pairings, live music and a brewing demonstration.  We plan to do events similar to this on a regular basis.  We will announce future membership drive events on facebook and through our email list.  You can also sign up and pay for membership through our website.

Can I upgrade my existing membership?

Yes,it is possible for you to upgrade to a higher membership tier after you have already signed up as a Standard Member. You will pay the difference in cost between the two membership tiers.  For example, if you want to upgrade from Standard ($150) to Special ($500), you would pay $350 to upgrade.