Membership Options

Bellingham Beer League will encourage patrons to become consumer-members of the cooperative. Standard membership in the Bellingham Beer League cooperative is $150.  Anyone 21 years of age or older, regardless of whether they live in Bellingham or not, can be a consumer-member of the Bellingham Beer League Cooperative Brewery. Your membership investment helps build YOUR brewery and taproom! All consumer-members receive the following Standard benefits for their investment in the cooperative:

New! Standard Membership Easy Payment Plan! – $25 x 6

  • Get all of the benefits of Standard Membership!
  • Just six easy payments of $25 each!
  • Payments will be automatically billed to your credit card monthly for six months for a total of $150!

Standard Member – $150

  • Sweet BBL t-shirt.
  • Fabulous BBL membership card.
  • Awesome BBL “I Own A Brewery” bumper sticker.
  • Privilege to vote for the board of directors who guide the management of BBL.
  • Opportunity to run for a seat on the board of directors.
  • “Perpetual Happiness” (always receive happy hour price in the tap room).
  • A free birthday beer each year on your birthday.
  • Eligibility to subscribe to the Community Supported Brewing program.
  • Priority seating at BBL special events and educational programs.
  • Ability to participate in members-only brewing contests with the chance of having your beer brewed and served commercially.

Persons who are interested in investing more heavily in BBL may do so by choosing one of BBL’s other membership tiers when joining as a consumer-member. Each membership tier includes all of the basic privileges and benefits of standard consumer-membership listed above, but with added one-time and/or long-term privileges and benefits not available to lesser tiers. All membership tiers are equal as voting members of the cooperative as described in the bylaws, with one member receiving one vote in matters of the cooperative. Consumer-members may choose to upgrade their membership to a higher tier at a later time.

Special Member – $500

  • All Standard Membership privileges.
  • Sweet BBL zippered hoodie.
  • BBL mug club membership. Get your “Perpetual Happiness” in a cool BBL 22oz mug with your name on it, and we will wash and store it for you.
  • Get your name emblazoned on the “Wall of Awesome”;

Extra Special Member – $1000

  • All Standard and Special Membership privileges.
  • BBL will host your private party (birthday, anniversary, retirement, etc) in our facility, providing beer and snacks for you and up to 25 guests

I.P.M. (Intravenous Pints Member) – $2500

  • All Standard, Special, and Extra Special Membership privileges.
  • Get your own reserved “Founders Club” stool at the bar. We always buy each Founder their first beer with every visit to the taproom. If someone is seated on the Founder’s reserved stool, they may be asked to move to a different seat, but not before the Founder buys them a beer first!
  • Be an assistant brewer for a day. Work personally with the brewers to formulate a new beer recipe that suits your tastes, help the brewers brew your beer, and then we will serve it in the taproom when it is ready. We will even let you name it! Who knows, if it is really popular, maybe it will become a staple and your beer legacy will live on long after you helped brew the first batch…

D.I.P.M. (Double Intravenous Pints Member) – $5000

  • All Standard, Special, Extra Special and I.P.M. Membership privileges.
  • Adopt a fermentor. With this much money, you’re pretty much paying for a large, stainless steel fermentor that will be used to turn wort into beer that you can later drink. An artist will paint your likeness on your adopted fermentor, and each year you will receive a letter and photographs from your adopted fermentor that describe and depict what it has been up to and how your sponsorship has helped it to live a more full and complete life in the brewery.